MBA study

Have you completed your graduation and pondering upon what to do next? Are you sitting aimlessly and waiting for the correct opportunity to knock your door? Are you inclined towards doing your post graduation from a reputed institute, but couldn’t find the right option? Fret not. The University of New York in Prague is ready to welcome you with open arms.

The University of New York in Prague was established in the year 1998. It is the finest English-language higher education institute in Central Europe. As our tagline says, here in the University of New York in Prague we aim at educating tomorrow’s leaders. UNYP offers various Bachelors, Masters, PhD and MBA programs...

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MBA Marketing

We have often seen students wandering aimlessly here and there after completing their graduation. Some wait for an appropriate job, some do not know what next while some for wait for a proper post-graduation programme. So here is the solution of all the above mentioned problems, University of New York in Prague which offers numerous MBA programmes.

The University of New York in Prague was set up in the year 1998. It is the largest and the finest English language higher education university in the Czech Republic. Since its inception it has been providing the best education in Central Europe in the fields of IT Management, Business Administration, Marketing, Finance, Communications, International Economic Relation, Psychology and English Language & Literature...

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Studying the MBA diploma in the University of New York in Prague

One of the most leading universities in the world that offers one of the most important programs in business market which is the MBA diploma, that is designed to support students and businessmen in enhancing their accounting, marketing, finance, operations management, human resources and many other fields’ background, is the University of New York in Prague in the Czech Republic.

The Master of Business Administration (MBA) is high degree that places the graduate above all other candidates, as it is a developed theoretical and practical program of two studying years that qualifies the new graduates and businessmen who want to create their own business and companies to gain a better knowledge of general business management functions, and it mainly aims to:

  • Gaining practical and strategic bu...
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How Much Studying in Europe cost?

In the event that you are going to study in one of the twenty eight states of the EU or you are only intrigued about the costs of studying and living in such a state, then this text may provide you with a general idea regarding a portion of the expenses your study may require.

Comprising of more than 30 nations, Europe is exceptionally differing and it might be a huge challenge to cover all the necessary costs. Particularly concerning analyzing costs and living expenses, it is quite often that individuals divide Europe into a Western and Eastern parts which have some common features. At the point when alluding to Eastern Europe a portion of the accompanying nations could be incorporated: Lithuania, Slovakia, Hungary, Estonia, Croatia, Romania, Poland, Czech Republic, Latvia and the like...

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Erasmus – how to apply? Step by step guide


Erasmus is a European Community – financed project intended to support learner and staff mobility and college connections inside the EU and EEA nations. It intends to enhance the nature of higher training and fortify its European importance. It does this by trans – national cooperation between colleges, encouraging the European mobility of scholars and educators, and helping enhanced transparency and scholar diversity of capabilities and studies all around the European Union. For more info about the Erasmus program you can visit their official web site.

The employees of the International Relations Office at the Czech Universities are euphoric to welcome aspirants for exchange programs from as far and wide as possible...

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Scholarships for non EU citizens to study in Europe


If you want to enhance your studies with a semester in a foreign country, and get the scholarship, you should be aware that applications for the autumn semester 2014 mostly have to be submitted by the end of April 2014.

These days, exceedingly qualified scholars, that don’t belong to EU or EAA countries, have the opportunity to request a grant to cover educational cost and the living expenditures while taking a semester at Europe. The grant covers the educational cost charge for one or more semesters, depending on the sponsor, and you will moreover get certain sum of money every month as a help for your living costs. You can seek the grant to study just at certain studies at certain colleges.

To be qualified to seek a grant you must be: applying to partake in certain courses and also be ...

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Comparing Exchange and Full-time Programs

Students often get perplexed over issues pertaining to the decision of choosing a program for studying abroad. There are two types of programs’ Exchange and Full-time, and both incorporate varying features and benefits. The discussion below will be helpful for enlightening students.
There are numerous pros and cons affiliated with both programs which students must understand beforehand. Study abroad programs entail a unique opportunity for every student for relishing a new culture and learn a foreign language and also improvise their communication skills. From this perspective, to study abroad, Prague may seem like a dreamland due to the richness of its culture and historical background...

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Cultural Metamorphoses and Foreign Students

Cultural difference is a commonly occurring phenomenon and is faced by almost all the foreign students. It comes as a shock initially, but later makes the experience of studying abroad all the more exciting. The discussion below will enlighten on this aspect furthermore.

Cultural differences are of challenging nature. One may or may not be able to adapt to the circumstances. However, it is important to benefit from this aspect of studying abroad because it ultimately proves helpful in practical life endeavors. John Irvin, the author of the bestseller The World According to Garp, studied philosophy in Vienna as a foreign student and proclaims that for him exploring Vienna was an experience of a life time and helped a lot in his professional career...

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What foreign students should pack?


The issue of packing for a foreign educational trip often gives students sleepless nights. Packing perfectly is a crucial task since in a new region, there can be all sorts of unforeseeable needs and necessities. Here is an ultimate list of all those unavoidable items that you need to take along.

Apparel: The standard list includes healthy stock of under-garments, thermal wear, socks and leggings, etc. Work-out attire, at least 2-3 pair of jeans and bermudas/shorts, long-sleeved as well as short-sleeved shirts, 2-3 jackets/coats and sweaters, 3 hoodies, sweat-shirts, 1-2 formal suiting, 2-3 khakis, 2-3 belts; 3-4 skirts (for females), 2-3 night-suits, one swimsuit and cold-weather  items like muffler, gloves and caps, etc...

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Traveling Guidelines for Foreign Students

Traveling in a foreign land could be an exciting and worthwhile experience in itself if students take care of the necessary requirements and consider these guidelines.

Traveling may be adventurous but is also prone to accidents and security issues. Hence, students should go through appropriate immigration and health insurance measures before setting out on a traveling expedition. Nilüfer Deniz Baş, a student from Ankara currently studying in Charles University in Prague, did not pay enough attention to the Czech Republic’s legal obligations and as a penalty she could not leave the hostel for traveling for some time...

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